• Thanks so much for the super care the whole entire staff did to get Tom back on his feet and able to come home. I will miss all the smiling faces and the conversations I had with the staff members. It is hard to put into words how thankful I am.

    Spouse of Rehab Patient
  • Thank you for the excellent care and patience the CNA’s and nurses showed me. Especially thank you to the CNA’s for helping me in my time of need!

    Thanks to the PT and OT staff for getting me back on my feet, and to the dietary staff for the excellent food!

    I will highly recommend this place to anyone!

    Rehab Patient
  • I’m just going to say that everyone, and I mean everyone, has been very very wonderful to me. Would recommend you to everyone. Thanks again!

    Rosella Waldvogel
    Rehab Patient
  • Everyone is so wonderful at Pride. They really care about Kim and want him to get better so he can go home.

    Kim is looking forward to getting back there again so he can get strong again and go home permanently. Hopefully all the surgeries are behind us.

    Cheri Krueger, on behalf of Kim Krueger
    Rehab Patient
  • Sally Conway did a wonderful job with the speech therapy. All the therapists and staff were great- very personable and friendly.

    Pride is a very nice rehab facility and I cannot thank them enough!

    Richard Glodowski
    Rehab Patient
  • All the staff were very kind and friendly to me and my guests. Thank you very much for such a kind and caring staff. I was very happy to be there.

    Stanley Brzezinski
    Rehab Patient
  • Hi Sally and Meg,

    I cannot thank you guys enough for the significant improvement in Pint’s speech and gait!!  I didn’t recognize him walking at first because his gait was so improved.  I could understand everything that he was saying to me!  I am so impressed with Pride and the therapy that you provided!!  It is beyond words and I cannot stop smiling with the awe I am in.  THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!  I will be forever grateful.


    Sandi Kaminski, RN
    Administrator Interim Healthcare Home Care, Palliative Care, and Hospice
  • Team,
    I wanted to extended my personal thanks and gratitude for all of the hard work and amazing bedside manner you provide to each of our residents and their families – It is exceptionally refreshing when I am in a care conference and I hear nothing but genuine thanks and exceptional reports of satisfaction with care and support from all of our staff; nurses, managers, CNA, Therapy, housekeeping, dietary, etc.

    So kudos to each of you –
    Its because of your efforts, hard work, leadership, and mentoring that we have come as far as we have. Keep it up and be proud of what you do on a daily basis.

    Meg Bell
    Therapy Manager, Pride TLC
  • Everything has been terrific. I have no complaints whatsoever; The food is great and the therapists are very nice and helpful.

    Sandy Nelson
  • I’m an ex Marine. While in rehab here, everyone treated me wonderful. On my way home now, I wanted to say thank you. I’ll come back when I am all better and thank everyone again. You did so much to help me find out about my benefits, more than I thought I had.

    Richard Borski
    Rehab Patient
  • On behalf of my sister Pam and brother Jay, we want to thank you for all of the support and care you showed our mom over these two plus years. Throughout her stay, she experienced many kindnesses and we witnessed them as well – from a listening ear to a warm touch…..and patience with difficult behaviors and accidents.

    We loved our mom so much and hoped you were able to experience moments of her sweet smile and gentle ways too. Thank you for doing God’s work.

  • In all honesty, it was an A+ rating in every aspect of your services. The staff was outstanding, the rehab sessions were exceedingly well done and it enabled me to recover movement in my legs so much earlier than anticipated. The food was well prepared and I enjoyed the variety. The Nurses were wonderful about explaining what was going on and what would be the outcomes. My room was always clean and I enjoyed the appearance of it. As difficult as it is to say I enjoyed being in a rehab facility, I have to say I did enjoy my stay and the professionalism of the staff.

    Linda Debardeleben