Our Team of Pride TLC Professionals

We are absolutely devoted to the health and well-being of our residents, offering them nothing less than the highest level of dignity, honor, grace, and love when they are under our care. We have created a different kind of therapy facility, which extends far beyond the building and the medicine; it’s an attitude and culture where people are first, profits are second, and peace rules all…that is the Pride TLC Difference.

Continuity of care and highest quality of life are at the core of everything we do at Pride TLC. Each team member is hired not only for their impressive credentials and qualifications, but for their compassion and commitment to providing a level of care that one would expect for their own self or family members.

Our healthcare providers receive regular training to ensure that ethical obligations for each of their practices are being met consistently. We look to hire value-driven professionals who understand the importance of these obligations and who know that healthcare goes far beyond medicine.

We operate on a foundation of honesty and integrity. Quality of life is upheld not only with exceptional healthcare services, but also with financial decisions that don’t burden our patients. We are dedicated to navigating the insurance process for our patients and present all options with complete transparency.

Philip Castleberg


Philip is Pride’s owner and operator. Philip Castleberg was raised near Marshfield in Wood County where he served as a town chairman for 6 years as well as on the school board and for the local fire department. Mr. Castleberg has degrees in Aviation, Religion and Nursing; With a strong foundation and history in heathcare, Philip has a passion for patient care excellence and providing an optimal environment for achievement of health and wellness in all stages of life.

Sally Conway

Executive Director

As the Executive Director at Pride, Sally also is an active treating therapist as Pride’s licensed SLP. Focusing her efforts on the general operations of the campus, exemplary patient care, and compliance within the State of Wisconsin regulations Sally is able to focus on continual development of a strong foundation for our campus, beginning with the committed, caring, and knowledgeable staff.

Tom Vollrath

Facilities Administrator

Tom is Prides’ Assisted Living Manager where he is responsible for the day to day operations of the Assisted Living in conjunction with management of staff. In addition to being the Assisted Living Manager, Tom also is the head of our Dietary Department where he works closely with our Registered Dietician and Kitchen Manager to ensure a well balanced diet with appropriate variety of meals and nutritional options.

Meg Bell

Certified Occupational Therapist Assistant

Upon starting her career at Pride, Megan was hired as a Certified Occupational Therapist Assistant. Over the years as an employee, Megan has expanded her involvement in management and is now holding the Therapy Manager Position at Pride TLC where she maintains smooth operations of the therapy team while working closely with the patients and patient’s family members during their stay at Pride.

Jub Klinsrisuk

Quality Assurance CNA

As the Quality Assurance CNA Jub has a strong focus on patient care, and customer service. Jub helps ensure that all care provided by the CNA staff is exceptional by anticipating each residents needs and accurately following the care delivery guides to ensure patient safety and wellness.

Kelsey Weix

Health Unit Coordinator

Kelsey is Pride’s Health Unit Coordinator; Responsibilities for this position include management of care for all assisted living residents, scheduling of appointments, communication with physicians, and assisting with the smooth clinical operations of the Assisted Living.

Troy Madlena
Troy Madlena

Director of Physical Therapy

Troy has been with Pride TLC since January of 2017 and has over 15 years of experience in outpatient orthopedic services. Troy is responsible for helping develop the most appropriate and individualized PT plan of care for each of his patients. Troy places a high focus on the importance of compassion, customer service, and physical progression with all of his patients.

Curtis Manning

Physical Therapist Assistant

Curt was originally hired as Pride’s Physical Therapist Assistant; as he developed as an employee and provider at Pride his clinical reasoning and skill set were notably exceptional. Curt has since continued treating as a PTA however is also the Clinical Manager of the Assisted Living. As the Clinical Manager Curt is focused on the patient care of each resident in the assisted living and is able to support, guide, and train staff on appropriate care planning and clinical reasoning to ensure exemplary care for each of our patient’s and residents.

Melanie Meyer

Life Enrichment Coordinator

Melanie is Pride TLC’s Life Enrichment Coordinator. She is responsible for helping program meaningful activities, outings, and gatherings for each of our residents. Melanie also helps ensure each and every patient at Pride has the opportunity to engage in desired pastimes and socialization.

Marie Quimby

Physical Therapist Assistant

Marie has been part of Pride TLC’s therapy team since August of 2013. In addition to her skill set as a therapist Marie’s interpersonal skills and compassion are experienced by all of her patients during their treatments. Marie has an excellent understanding and respect for each and every patient she works with.

Alicia Serafin

Lead Registered Nurse

As one of Pride’s Lead Registered Nurses’ Alicia is actively working one on one with each resident completing assessments, assisting with pain management, providing medications, communicating with physicians, and ensuring patient comfort. Aside from her strong nursing skill set, Alicia is invested in each of her patients, their care, and success with their stay, contributing to a trusting rapport between staff and each patient.

Katy Anderson

Lead Dietitian + LPN

Katy has been working for Pride TLC since 2015 as our Licensed Dietitian and since 2017 as an Licensed Practical Nurse. With Katy’s array of knowledge in regards to the importance of nutritional balance throughout the rehab progress, Katy is able to help ensure that each and every patient is meeting their nutritional needs. Aside from her role as Pride’s Dietitian Katy also is a Licensed Practical Nurse and is often directly providing patient care and support.

Alexis Johnson

RN Admissions Care Coordinator

Alexis joined Pride TLC in December of 2016 as our Admission’s Care coordinator. Alexis helps facilitate each admission and referral that Pride receives; coordinating care, communicating with the physicians and hospital case managers, and ensuring a successful smooth transition into Pride’s Campus. Not only does Alexis have an excellent skill set as a Registered Nurse, her interpersonal skills, customer service, and focus on patient wellness are immeasurable.

Theo Coleman

Kitchen Manager

Theo is Pride’s Kitchen Manager whom focuses on the quality and nutritional standards of each meal served in conjunction with day to day operations in the kitchen including food prep, cooking, cleaning, and meal planning. Theo is actively engaging with the residents and participates along with the kitchen staff with the delivery of each meal making special accommodations and adjustments as needed to ensure patient/resident satisfaction.

Karen Vandenberg

Lead Physical Therapist

Karen is one of Pride’s Lead Physical Therapists providing optimal care for each and every patient. Karen is responsible for development of individualized therapy interventions and goals to help ensure a progressive and beneficial response to each patient’s rehab stay.

Amanda Boneske

Occupational Therapist Assistant

Amanda joined the Pride Therapy Team as a full time Occupational Therapist Assistant in April 2014. Amanda’s passion for Occupational Therapy and desire to help others is evident in every day that Amanda is on campus working with our patients. Her comprehensive skill set and understanding of holistic wellness and functionality help each of Pride’s patients achieve their goals, understand their limitation, and ensure their safety.

Lea Javenkoski

Lead Occupational Therapist

Lea has been Pride’s lead OTR since the campus opened in April of 2013. Lea has had an array of experience in the medical field which has helped her grow and establish such a successful career at Pride TLC. Lea is responsible for evaluation, treatment, and assessment of each patient whom is in need of Occupational Therapy to achieve their goals and return home as soon as possible. Lea is exceptional at developing a plan of care which is individualized and patient centered, contributing to excellent outcomes and patient satisfaction.

Janalee Nahring

Human Resources Manager

Janalee is the Human Resources Manager at Pride; Managing the administration of human resources, policies, procedures, and programs. With continued interaction and communication with the employees at Pride, Janalee is consistently focusing on the wellness of our employees and their ability to exceed Pride’s employee expectations to achieve excellence for our patients and residents.

Amanda Zynda

Physical Therapist Assistant

Amanda began with Pride TLC as an occasional therapist and quickly began to see and experience first hand what makes Pride so special. Between the excellent collaboration amongst all departments, focus on patient satisfaction, and friendly work environment Amanda quickly saw a future at Pride. At the same time Pride saw the excellence that Amanda brought to the team and Amanda short thereafter became a full time employee of Pride; We are exceptionally grateful to have Amanda on our team for a variety of reasons including her friendly collaborative efforts with co workers, excellent delivery of patient care/customer service, and exceptional skill set as a Physical Therapist Assistant.

Ryan Lozon

Physical Therapists

Ryan was one of Pride’s original employees whom has helped facilitate the growth and foundation of our campus. Ryan is one of Pride’s Physical Therapists who works directly in collaboration with each patient; ensuring a strong Therapy plan of care is developed and executed throughout their stay. Within this plan of care Ryan is able to depict goals and baselines for the patient to achieve throughout their stay at rehab, regaining their independence and quality of life.